ERD-30 Low Volume Mini Fin Mill

Picture of ERD-30

  • Low Volume
  • Up to 400 ft/min

Recognized around the world for ultimate precision machining.

The ERD-30 Mini Rolling Mill is a low-volume, modular fin mill formatted for simplicity, versatility, and ease of operation . The Mini Fin Mill is specifically designed with the aftermarket customer in mind. This down-sized package is also ideal for the OEM customer who is looking for a small dedicated mill formatted for short runs, thus eliminating the costly change outs and down times. The ERD-30 is compact, rugged, reasonable fast, easy to operate and moderately priced.

Diagram of ERD-30 Dimensions


  • Width: 132" (3.353m)
  • Height: 65" (1.651m)
  • Depth: 26" (660.4mm)

Standard Features

  • Main Drive 3 HP, 240V, 60Hz Variable Speed, 2 Phase AC Motor
  • Boston 5:1 Gear Reducer Unit with Base Kit for Main Motor Drive
  • Base-Mounted Powered Single Uncoiler
    • Fin Material: Aluminum
    • Inside Diameter: 6" (152.4mm)
    • Outside Diameter: up to 24" (209mm)
    • Material Width: up to 4.5" (114.3mm)
    • Material Input Speed: up to 400' (121.9m) per minute
  • Picture of ERD-30 Running
  • Low Stock Sensor Probe
  • Manual Operative Expander Pads
  • Dancer Arm Unit with Electronic Pivot Sensor
  • Hardened Precision Entrance Stock Gauge with Tracking Rollers
  • Hardened Adjustable Exit Stock Gauges
  • Adjustable Stainless Steel Stock Chute
  • Electronic Anti-Wrap System
  • Counting Roll Station with Locating Gauges
  • Motor Brake System
  • Pneumatic Pad Pressured Stock Lubricator
  • Custom Servo Control Cut-Off System
  • Manual Cut-Off Switch
  • Touch Screen Control Panel with Swivel Support Arm
  • Gathering Box Gear Guards
  • Regulated 90psi Roll Die Cleaning System
  • 1-1/2 Axis Fin Machine System

Optional Features

  • ERD-160 Automatic Traying Machine
  • Electronic Parts Counter
  • EFD Lubrication System
  • Step Down Transformer (480V/60Hz/3 Phase to 240V/60Hz/3 Phase/3kva)