E-2000 Fin Mill

Picture of E-2000

  • High Volume
  • Up to 1,000 ft/min

Recognized around the world for ultimate precision machining.

The E-2000 Fin Mill increases production efficiency with its easy set-up, operation, and maintenance. It has the remarkable ability for quick change of its roll tooling and gathering system modules.

When ordered with our adjustable stock guide package, the E-2000 Fin Mill has the versatility to fabricate different types of fin strips. Design changes, such as fin style, separator width, amplitude, and fin density, are easily completed. Additionally, the transmission unit allows for changing between a very short length at a high number of units per minute and longer lengths at fewer units per minute.

These features make the E-2000 Fin Mill the most versatile, yet simple machine of its type on the market today.

Diagram of E-2000 Dimensions


  • Width: 198" (5.029m)
  • Height: 75" (1.905m)
  • Depth: 55" (1.397m)

Standard Features

  • Main Drive 15 HP, 480V, 3 phase 60Hz Motor
  • Single Uncoiler with Adjustable Stock Base
    • Fin Material: Copper or Aluminum
    • Inside Diameter: 6" (152.4mm) or 12" (304.8mm)
    • Outside Diameter: up to 60" (1.524m)
    • Material Width: up to 10" (254mm)
    • Material Input Speed: up to 1,000' (304.8m) per minute
  • Picture of E-2000 Running
  • Adjustable Stock Tension Station
  • Accepts Quick-Change Roll Head Units
  • Accepts Quick-Change Gathering Systems
  • Splicing Stand Platform
  • Heavy Duty Brake System
  • Heavy Duty Transmission Unit (High/Low)
  • Step Down Transformer
  • Micro-Coat Lubrication System
  • CFM Filter Mist System
  • Custom Servo Control Cut-Off System
  • Shut-Down Sensors
    • Low Lubrication
    • Out of Stock
    • Stock Wrap
    • Open Guards
  • Touch Screen Control Panel with Swivel Support Arm
  • Fully Enclosed Guarding Package
  • Cabinet Cooled On-Board Electronis

Optional Features

  • Dual Uncoiler
  • Hemming Station
  • Traying System
  • Servo Gathering System
  • Custom Servo Control Stop & Go System
  • Servo Back-Tension Unit